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  • ON-SITE MACHINING Maintenance and Repair of Flanges & Valves
  • ON-SITE MACHINING Maintenance and Repair of Flanges & Valves
  • Portable Machine Tools Surfacing - Boring - Threading - Counterboring - Tapping - Resurfacing - Grinding - Conical machining


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Actu Protem 02/18/2021

Welcome to our new distributors in Philippines

Thanks to Ferds, Marita, Joyce, Joram, Ed, Jas, Jerikoh, Jm, Jong, Judelatos, Krystel, Raymond and all who attended our 4 days trainings in February Thanks also to the Protem and Serco Sales Engineers who provided information about the experience, expertise and know-how of Protem and Serco TOGETHER WITH OUR DISTRIBUTORS WE ACHIEVE SUCCESS WORLDWIDE